NDSU iPad UG Meeting

Our next meeting of the NDSU iPad users group will be on Tuesday, April 24.

iPad User’s Group Meeting
Tuesday, April 24
CIE (Civil and Industrial Engineering) room 101
We will showcase the Doceri app and discuss any other items folks want.

Apple Announces iPad Textbooks

Apple announced new iPad textbooks today. The books are readable in the iBooks 2 application and they have released a free application for authoring your own custom books.


NDSU features iPad users group on the front page of the web

The NDSU.edu website features news and information on its front page that demonstrates the impact on the core missions of the university. Although the iPad users group has not even held its first meeting (stop by on July 6), the group is already starting a buzz on campus. The NDSU news service has a feature article on the newly formed group. Thanks for that! We appreciate the university getting the word out. The more people we have participate the better.

iPad users group news release

Wallace High School in Ireland gives out 530 iPads to students

Wallace High School has initiated Ireland’s largest iPad 1-1 offer by providing 530 iPad 2’s to students in their key stage 3 levels (ages 11-14). According to the press release:

It became evident that the use of a single device, used by teachers, understood by parents and students would allow all learners to make progress supported by portable, digital technology. Sharing resources, interacting, the creation of a seamless transition between the school day and work at home suddenly seemed possible.


1000 Free books from the British Library

The British Library has released a free app which provides access to 1000 books from their 19th Century collection. The digital books are scanned in color from the original and show the embossed covers, illustrations and marbled paper. The free content contains works of philosophy, science, history, classic novels and much more. For those interested in 19th century books, this app is just the thing for you.

Apple posts new iPad 2 TV commercial

Apple has just released a new iPad 2 commercial called “Now”. Not a bad commercial and it has a nod toward education.

NDSU iPad users group organizational meeting

Ten days ago I sent out a call to form this NDSU iPad users group. The response has been overwhelming. To date there are 67 people signed up for the listserv interested in learning more about how to use iPads in the class, in the office and in the research lab. Given the immediate replies from so many people I think it behooves us to have an organizational meeting sooner rather than later. I have scheduled IACC 104 on Wednesday, July 6 for our first get together. We will meet at 2:00 pm. This will be an informal meeting to talk about what we want to accomplish as a users group, how often we want to meet and to share iPad insights with each other. Hope to see you Wed., July 6, 2:00 pm in IACC 104!